What is Rei-Ki ?

Ancient Japanese Art of Healing Using Your Hands

The amazing gift of Rei-Ki can be acquired in just ONE day of training

Rei-Ki ( Reiki Ryoho ) is an ancient Japanese art of healing using your hands to enhance the body and mind.
It was first brought to this world over a century ago by a renown Japanese philosopher by the name of Dr. Mikao Usui ( Usui Mikao Sensei ).

It involves the ‘laying on’ of hands onto a person, or any living thing or inanimate object. The healer or ‘channel’ acts as a medium for the flow of this energy.

[ 霊気 ] “Rei-Ki” is a Japanese term which collectively means ‘universal life force or energy’.

[ 霊 ] “Rei” means something  that is miraculous, sacred or mysterious.

[ 気 ] “ki” means the energy of the universe or cosmos that cannot be seen.

The living body, human or animal, radiates warmth and energy.
This energy is the life force, and has been called by many names, eg., Mana (polynesia), Prana (India), Ruach in Hebrew, Barraka in islamic countries, and Chi in China. Some healers have called it Orgone Energy, Animal Magnetism and Archaeus.
In Japan the energy is called “Ki” and Dr. Mikao Usui ( Usui Mikao Sensei ) called this healing energy as “Rei-ki”.

Rei-ki can simply be defined as the miraculous or sacred energy of the universe that sustains all life. It is the simplest form of life energy renewal and there are no exercises or special breathing required.

Regular classes and practice are NOT necessary.
You can practice Rei-Ki at work, at home or play,  simply by placing your hand(s) over any part of your body for an ‘instant recharge’ without any conscious effort.
Rei-Ki is also a valuable first aid tool which can help relieve pain, enhance performance and vitality, reduce swelling, staunch the flow of blood and can be applied effectively in emergency situations to help others as well as yourself.


Rei-Ki is NOT associated with any religion, organization or group.

Simplest Hands-On Healing Technique

You may find this hard to believe, but you can acquire this amazing gift and learn how to channel this healing energy to help yourself and others in just ONE day. Learn more

Rei-Ki CANNOT  be learnt from any book.
The ability to transmit this healing energy can ONLY be acquired when attuned  “face-to-face” by a Rei-Ki Master.
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